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Date: April 11, 2016
Time: 5PM – 7PM
Location: Hamilton Room, Sheraton Society Hill
Don’t forget your drink tickets!

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Fans of Johanna Rothman are in luck – she’s in town for the Philly ETE meeting on the evening of 4/11.

As in prior years, AgilePhilly meets the MONDAY EVENING smack in the middle of the Philly ETE conference at the Sheraton Olde City on 2nd street. We converse with the national authors and speakers who come to town to speak on the Agile track of the conference.

Format of the night:

Same as last year when we had a free-form discussion with Ron Jefferies, we will generally start at 6:00 PM in a meeting room at Old City Sheraton where the Philly ETE Conference is held. Late arrivals are welcome to come and jump in anytime. Snacks are cookies and pretzels.

We generally only get about 10 to 12 people to show up, but this committed core of drive the subject of conversation and we keep it informal with just chairs-in-a-circle format.

If it goes past 8:00 pm, we generally re-convened in the bar. When Andre did it, he would often propose a topic, but I just let the conversation happen.

Our thanks to Chariot Solutions for offering the meeting space for this meeting.

No food is available for this meeting, but we hope you will join us afterwards at the bar or restaurant.